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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Very Own Fashion Advisors

It's cool weather again, which means I have pulled out the sweatpants... even the turquoise and the purple sweatpants which make my hubbie cringe and look away. So this morning I pulled on the turquoise pants and my new day-glo yellow t-shirt from our recent Oztoberfest Bike Ride. The kids and I collected books for the library and I was all ready to head out the door when my oldest said, "Um... Mom? You made me promise never to let you go out the door looking like that."

And Munchkin boy said, "Well, at least she won't get hit by any cars!"

It's true, the glare was so bright they would have shielded their eyes and steered in the other direction. I would have felt bad being the cause of a traffic accident.

I changed into something slightly less blinding.

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