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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Let it Snow, Let it Snow

I have to admit that having two major snow storms in as many weeks has left me feeling a bit discombobulated. Though I often get a charge from shaking up my routine, when something shakes it up for me I don't always flow as smoothly as I wish I did. Since work and home aren't that far apart, and the whole family tends to be in one place or the other more often than not, it's tempting to just try to maintain the normal rhythms of our life even when area schools are closing or (more significant for hubby) the courthouse closes.

But home is simply a more comfortable place to be when it is grey and cold, or thick and wet as this second bought of snow has been. The ground is white, but shoveling the drive and around the office this round was like cleaning up after the spill of a giant slushie machine. The kids freed up the path to the drain under the street and then we all stood listening to the roar of water beneath us as it rushed away.

We had about 24 hours straight of snow coming down in one form or another. Sometimes I would look out to see giant fluffy flakes. Sometimes it was so wet it was just rain. Only once, about 3am this morning, did it actually look something like a blizzard. I peeked out my window to see nothing but white. As I stared, the snow lessened and the tree at our corner became visible.

Our power has remained on throughout, thank goodness. We brought the cat home from the office just because we worried that she might get cold if things got as bad as they were predicting it might. She spent a few hours hiding beneath the girls' beds, like she'd never been here before, and finally settled down and relaxed about the time they were ready to call it a night. She's a lovable cat who just doesn't understand why her affection is not welcome all hours of the day or night.

Since our dishwasher pump died about the same time the snow started, we've been taking turns washing dishes by hand. Oddly, perhaps because of all the quality lounging at-home time, our kitchen looks better and more tidy than usual. Actually having moments of wondering if the dishwasher is a tool we truly need after all.

I also loaded a bag with all I could imagine I might need to finish up some projects for the market. So I have had some incredibly productive list-ticking time, as well. I had a small build-up of projects that simply needed time free of distractions.

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