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Monday, January 21, 2013

The file name is: Encouraging Words

... and this is what I find inside ...

an exciting kind of normal
constantly changing
transitioning gracefully
inner quiet
nitty gritty details
attraction happens
no doubt that it was worthy
grounded in my reality
what I am capable of
a morning of potential productivity
mental to-do list
trumpeting the achievement
think differently
lifting the silver lid
the places my mind goes
free of routine and rhythm
order dessert anyway
for my mental health
enjoy the journey
bacon for breakfast
calling it a day

It's fun to find things on my very own hard drive that I don't remember writing, but the words still speak to me. It's like receiving a message from my past self. It must have been meaningful at the time, and I still find meaning in these words.


Nancy said...

Definitely agree, Tracy. You have the bones of a free verse poem here, all you need to do is flesh it out a bit. It's one good reason to look back through our files and see what we can do with what's been lingering there for a long time. Thanks for the reminder!

bs said...

bacon for breakfast...invite me over

Tracy said...

Dear BS,

You know you have a standing invite. If there is no bacon here, we'll go get some.