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Thursday, December 06, 2012

Late Night, Too Much Inspiration... and Probably Too Much Caffeine

Have you ever had the thought that you are right at the edge of something wonderful? Something you haven't quite glimpsed just yet, but you know it is that something you've been looking for... maybe not looking for, but in the process of creating... it's that big, giant, wonder-thing that is finally going to give shape--or maybe name-- to your whole reason for being here to begin with.

Yeah, it sounds kind of crazy from where I sit, too.

Yet I keep thinking it. I'm here, right at the edge of it -- MY it -- whatever it may be. I've been collecting these concepts and ideals (ideas too, but always highlighting the ones I want to light my path) and ways of living my life for so long now. And finally, through a series of grasping at all the small pieces that make sense to me, and I am beginning to comprehend my big picture.


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