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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Staying Up; Catching Up

It's been a weird, full week and I keep waiting for things to fall back into normal routine. I've been staying up late since the time change. Later and later each night, it seems. Yet, I'm still up early in the mornings. Not normal-early, but still getting up at last week's 5 or 5:30am, which is this week's 6 or 6:30am.

I've had a market to-do list a mile long and everything has taken hours and hours more time than I keep thinking it should. It's not necessarily bothering me, but I am beginning to wonder when I'll finally get to the end. I keep getting into the flow of things and find myself looking up to discover that several hours have passed.

The Kansas Authors Club books have started arriving in member mailboxes in the last couple of days. It feels like forever ago that I finished it, but really it's been just at a month. I opened my copy, of course, to see a blinding typo on the first page. Then got an email this evening that I had left someone's entry out. I feel terrible about that. Not the typo. I mean, it's bad, and I should have utilized my proofreader more (she didn't see this page) to help with that sort of thing, but I guess I got a little sloppy. It was the end of a month's long project. A project I was juggling alongside several other projects. Not a good excuse, but there it is, none-the-less.

Leaving out this guy's entry, though, that makes me feel really bad. I'm usually pretty good at being organized and keeping stuff in order. I don't know how I let this one slip through the cracks, but I did.

Today was a market day. It was a fun market day. Lots of people and gorgeous weather. We got a visit from the new "Local Food" truck and they added a market banner before the parade. Middle Munchkin and Munchkin Boy attended a Vegetable Gardening class at the market and then helped me close up and load signs. We wrapped things up just in time to see the St. Patrick's Day parade.

We've got our very own local food mascot now. It's a promotional tool that I think several organizations in our area will be using in the future. Will be fun to see what we can think up to do with it.

There was other cool stuff going on in town today, too, but I didn't make. Spent most of the rest of the afternoon and evening working on my presentations for the market's annual meeting tomorrow, minus a break where I went with M.M. and M.B. to serve a meal for a group called Eastern Star. It was a community service type thing for 4-H. It was enjoyable, well-organized, and we got a free plate of casserole when we were done. The food was yum.

Munchkin #1 got home today from a conference in Kansas City. She's tired, but it sounds like she had a good time. I look forward to hearing more details after she catches up on her sleep and starts unpacking her bag. All she's really showed me so far is a bag of shredded bills that she got from the Federal Reserve Bank. It says it contains approximately $165. I guess it's a give-away to anyone who tours the place.

Muchkin #1 and Miss Nancy, all dressed up for the conference. (Well, not Nancy. She doesn't wear pants and she didn't get to go to the conference, but she sure liked posing for the photo.)


Nancy said...

I got my KAC book yesterday. Just wanted to tell you how nice it looks with he logo featured and the snazzy cover. If you only had one typo and the one omission, you still get an A. Nice job.

Would it be possible to feature the omitted piece on the website for a month or so?

Tracy said...

That's a great idea, Nancy. I think, for now, his piece is going to be published in the next newsletter.

bs said...

Miss Evie has on a lovely outfit. And Miss Nancy posed so nicley!