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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Status Update

“Happy Monday, folks! It’s going to be another good week,” I wrote on my Facebook wall yesterday. Already that morning I’d gone from a less-than-stellar gym visit to fighting with incomprehensible new accounting software and tax return mis-figuring. 

I needed the break to visit my friends online.

I caught up on other’s musings, posted my new status, and returned to my mission of having a great day.

I ask myself, was my status sincere, or was it just wishful thinking?

My mother always encouraged me to speak my reality into being. As a kid, I was skeptical of her approach, but the older I get, the more I believe she was absolutely correct in her approach. There is no way to get happier by dwelling on the negative. You don’t get better by focusing solely on what ails you. Sometimes you've got to search for the silver lining. Sometimes you’ve got to work a little harder for your pot of gold.

I hope you’ve had a terrific Tuesday and are looking forward to a wonderful Wednesday, as well.

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