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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Accountant Poet

I've dedicated most of the last three days to numbers. Spent a day wrapping up year-end numbers for the farmers market (more days needed, but I got a great start). Spent part of a day wrapping up year-end numbers for home stuff. Then spent another day wrapping up year-end numbers for the hubby's law practice. First year on his own; I've been keeping the books, but have been looking forward to getting an overview of the big picture. Prepping everything we need for taxes. Hoping to be organized enough this year that when I sit down to fill out the forms, I'll have every number I need ready at my finger tips.

Hubby caught me today in the middle of creating some graphs and pie charts to my masterfully planned spreadsheets. I couldn't help myself. I was adding some visuals to all my number crunching. He asked if I was having fun.

I was.

He said, "I used to think I married a writer/poet, but sometimes I think I married an accountant/poet."

I like that title. I think I may put it on my next business card.

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