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Friday, November 11, 2011

Belated Public Birthday Wishes

Little Boy Munchkin turned 11 earlier this month. We still have some celebration plans upcoming, but the date has officially passed. He made a great strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting for the big event.

Obligatory photo slide show (with music) including his 11th birthday photo, which we took early, or at the same time as his sister's 13th birthday photo, which we took late this year. It gets harder and harder to obsessively document my family's maturation as they get older and busier:

So the photo slide show is disappointingly pixelated, but it was free from Kodak.

Something new for me this year was purchasing a gift where I had absolutely no idea what I was buying. He wanted a video capture card, so I had to say, "Pick it and send me a link." I'm still not entirely sure of its purpose, but I'm sure I will learn soon enough.

Here's the whole collection of 2011 photos of my munchkins.

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