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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

A Vegetarian is Not an Alien Being

Forgive me for a little mini-rant. I've been sitting on this a couple of days and am having trouble shaking it. People who choose NOT to eat meat are not freaks. They are not any more difficult to have as guests in your home than any other person. I don't understand the panic and dramatics of otherwise perfectly pleasant people.

"Oh my god! A vegetarian at my table!! What am I going to do??"

You just serve a meal and there is no need to apologize when they pass on the meat dish. If you are polite, it would be nice not to add bacon to your potato salad. But you don't have to get hysterical and fret about it, and it's not necessary to bring it up again and again for weeks afterward.

Some people choose not to eat meat.

Enough said.


Anonymous said...

Well said. Oma

bs said...

Oh and do not serve their plate with
a big slab of meat when they have
politely spoken, "I pass"!

LoryKC said...

Love this. Even after 20 years, my husband doesn't quite get it. If people invite us for dinner, he will mention every time "well, my wife is a vegetarian." Like it's contagious.
(Or maybe he does get it--he isn't the most outgoing guy so he figures that gets us out of going.) ;)