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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Looking at the bright side of this summer heat. No mowing! The grass is looking rather southwest Kansan-ish. Not bright green. Not growing. And I keep looking out into the back yard and thinking, "At least we don't need to mow."

The front yard, actually, could use a trim. The timing wasn't quite right with this heat wave so it's full of weedy type things. Looking rather shaggy and long.

What I really wish is that it was filled with things like berry bushes and ground cover. Munchkin Boy and I took an introduction to permaculture course in the spring and my goal, long-term, would be a low-maintenance, beautiful yard. Getting from what we have to what we want is going to require quite a bit of time and attention, however. Unfortunately, I've never had a lot of endurance for yard work.

This week I am watering flowers for the mother of a friend. I'm typically happy to do this sort of thing, though I often laugh because if you saw my yard and flowers, I'd probably be the last person you'd pick to help care for yours. With the heat this week, I've been a little anxious. I worry that I'm going to go over there and find all her beauties fried because I failed to do the job well.

This yard, however, is the most beautiful and peaceful place. I find myself rather enjoying the morning when I go over and drag a hose around the yard. I fill fill the bird feeders. I have an urge to take my notebook over and sit beneath her trees and write.

This morning, Munchkin Boy rolled out of bed and went with me to do the watering. We came home and spent a little time on our yard, as well. He's better at this sort of thing than I am, but I think he enjoyed my company. Together, we start talking and planning and I think... maybe I could make a little more time for the care and tending of a yard. I could make my own little haven. We've certainly got plenty of space.

Just need to take the time.

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Anonymous said...

One kid in the kitchen and one good with the yard. Can I borrow them?