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Friday, April 01, 2011

Waiting for the Sun to Shine

I gave myself a vacation this week. Sometimes I forget that I can do that; take time away from the to-do lists and the meetings and the preparing for the next market. My job(s) are such that I am the one setting the schedule. I have orchestrated this work life by design and I have to remind myself, sometimes, that I am still in charge of the orchestrating... it is not in charge of me.

Aside from one road-trip, the week has pretty much ended up being about being home, hanging with the kids and getting back in touch with my house. Dishes. Laundry. Some writing for pleasure. Some reading for pleasure. Pleasant and relaxing. A nice change from vacations where you get home and wish you had time for a few days of rest.

I had hoped for some sunshine. It's been many days since we've seen sunshine. The weather forecast is promising partly sunny today and maybe almost warm this weekend. I think I'll go outside and find that ray of sunshine and just stand in it. Soak some up to save in case the clouds come back, as promised, next week. I'm tired of feeling chilled to the bone. I'm tired of looking out to see drippy, sometimes icy, occasional snowflake looking stuff falling from the sky.

Scenes from the Road...
Blue Skies in Newton, KS.

And a little bit of sun!

One of the many Dalas in Lindsborg. This was one of our favorites outside the senior center.

The castle north of Lindsborg, KS.

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