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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Here we snow again.

I peeked out the window at a quarter till 4 this morning (thanks, cat) and saw that there was no (new) snow on the ground. Sigh. Maybe they were wrong. At 5:15, it was snowing pretty good. By the time we left the gym this morning, it was pretty clear that the weathermen had called it correctly. Snow. Snow. Snow. Snow. Snow.

Tomorrow we get to shovel.

That's okay... shoveling is good exercise.

Munchkin Boy and I put up lights for plants in his room today. He's eager to start seeds for his garden, which we have sketched plans for (including a timeline for planting and... if all goes well... harvesting). He made our supper for this evening, as well. Cream of Split Pea Soup and he has baked some yeast bread with ham and cheese inside. He's been watching online episodes at The Perennial Plate and has been inspired. He seems to have developed some talents in the bread making department. He asked me this morning how many loaves he would have to make before the family stopped eating them right out of the oven. He is thinking he would like to bake all our bread (okay by me!) and is wondering how long it will be before the family stops treating it like a favorite dessert. Hard to tell.

Did I mention it is snowing again?

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