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Monday, October 11, 2010

Where we've been...

Hubby is schooling the kids on 1980s music. It seems like they do this a couple of times a year. Dad gets nostalgic for some song from his youth and pretty soon he is taking the kids on a YouTube tour of the music of his teen years and they are adding old movies to our Netflix que. I should be ashamed to admit that all three of my kids would kick my butt in an 80s music trivia game. I simply was not that in tune with popular culture as a teenager.

Tonight was our first 4-H meeting with Munchkin #1 filling the role of president. She was awesome. Led those kids right through the business meeting without a hitch. It was like she'd done it before. She even has the order of business memorized thanks to being a part of the parliamentary games team last spring. I think she enjoyed herself. Middle Munchkin, her sister, sure was proud.

Middle Munchkin is flexing her writing skills as reporter this year, a job her sister held for two years and loved. She enjoyed seeing her name in print. Gee, I wonder where she gets that from?

I managed to get birthday photos of both Middle Munchkin (a little bit late) and Munchkin Boy (a little bit early) this past weekend. I can't believe these are my babies!

It's taken me a couple of weeks to recover from the last couple of months. Two part-time jobs equals at least a job and a half. Throw in the volunteer work with Kansas Authors Club last month and I was pretty much working on one list or another 24/7. Schedule is much improved now and I'm feeling somewhat sane again. I walked outdoors a few days ago and was surprised to find the weather had turned. What happened to summer? I didn't even get a chance to start complaining about the heat this year!

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The pictures are fantastic. It's good to get an update.