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Monday, July 05, 2010

A Post without Pretties

I've been taking flower pictures with the intention of sharing them. We had a lovely purple blossom on the eggplant. I've never grown eggplant before, but my friend gave me a start and I stuck it in the ground and it is growing. At least, it gave us a lovely bloom which I will share one day when I get the right camera hooked up to the right computer.

Sent Munckin #1 off on her first plane ride today. She's all the way across the country by now. So far away it would probably turn my stomach a little knotty with anxiety except that I know that she was really looking forward to this trip and I am sure that she is having a great time.

She has worked hard to make this trip happen and she walked away from me this morning with such confidence, a big smile on her face.

She made her own lists. She washed her own laundry. She packed her own bags.

Sure, I jumped in the middle of it a few times. I was probably more "helpful" than I should have been a time or two. I'm learning too.

But mostly I'm just so happy for her. I can't wait to hear all about it. I am looking forward to looking at her pictures, and then looking at them again.

I'll look at my pictures soon too, and I'll share them here when I'm not feeling too lazy to find the right camera and download and resize and upload... We've had a lovely holiday weekend. New friends, new adventures for the kiddos, lots of rain...

My post is plain, but life is lovely.  


Tracy said...

Just in case you are wondering -- Munchkin #1 is not alone! She's with a group. They are traveling together. I'll share details and photos when she gets home!

LoryKC said...

Still a pretty post--sounds wonderful!