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Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's the most colorful time of the year...

kohlrabi from Shepherd's Valley CSA

The CSA deliveries each week have found their way to the table before I even think to get a picture. This week, I remembered. It was a full box of lovelies. I adore not gardening and yet getting to eat this way. Here's what was in our box this week.

That doesn't include the eggs. We get an egg share weekly from the CSA and often buy another dozen from someone at the farmer's market. The new gig, by the way, of Farmers' Market Manager is going well. It's a very busy time of year to take on something new, but I'm getting a feel for things and I think it's all going to work out very, very well. 

We've also been receiving these lovely little packages from our neighbor who has a gorgeous garden growing this year. 

What do I do with all that squash? We enjoy it in stir fry and I've also found it works well chopped up fine as a filler in things like meatloaf, salmon patties, and veggie cornmeal fritters. The kids and I used one last week as a base for our homemade egg noodles. It worked well. I missed the celery, but the kids actually said they liked it better.

There were peaches at the Farmers' Market this week. No photos of the peaches, but I did get this shot of market tomatoes and peppers as they were delivered to the table.


DuckieMom said...

YUM!! I love kohlrabi, but I have never seen a purple one before. Are they white inside once they are peeled?

Flo said...

Squash in salmon patties? That I will have to try!