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Thursday, June 03, 2010

The Internet Means Never Having to Say Goodbye

A couple of weeks ago I drove a couple of hours to say goodbye to my friend Justine. Only, it wasn't really saying goodbye. We more-or-less met online, through an email group and then our blogs, and because she had ended up in Kansas not too awfully far away, we were able to get together in person. We met at a few homeschool playgroups over the years and managed to work out a couple of road trips so that we ended up at the same destination. It was never as much or as often as we intended to get together, but it was enough that I learned the sound of the voice behind the words she shared through email and online. It was enough that I know that if I see Justine walking down the street one day, I will recognize her immediately and I will shout out her name and give her a big hug.

In a way, I was a bit sad that Justine was moving away.

On the other hand, great distances are just not what they used to be. Wherever she ends up, my friend is still just a keyboard away. Between email, our various blog efforts, and Facebook, Justine and I can continue to keep in touch in much the same manner we have through the years when we were sharing a state. Once upon a time people had pen-pals and it was thrilling when they would maintain correspondence over the years and maybe eventually get to meet in person. I think Justine and I would have made great pen-pals back in the day, and now we have the Internet to ease our ability to keep in touch with one another. Perhaps our chances of getting together in person have lessened, but our chances of getting to know each other and to share and keep in touch have not.

My circle is not limited to the neighbors I can reach out and touch. I like this about my world.

Tracy & Justine -- until next time, when I take her up on that invite to visit IRL someplace other than Kansas!

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Anonymous said...

I am so fortunate to have met you! What a lovely entry. And, I am looking for a house now, so I will be ready and waiting for your visit someday soon!!!