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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Timeless Tuesday: Snows of Days Gone By

I was going to go dig out some photos of some of our more serious snows over the years, but if I wait until I get that done it might be next Tuesday. This one was handy and available.

Here's Middle Munchkin and Munchkin Boy (yes, in the pink snowsuit) playing in the snow in front of our house in Dodge City. This would have been the last winter we were there. Snow was a little different critter in western Kansas. Quite a bit dryer (consistently), and a whole lot more drifting than you see here in the Flint Hills. Of course, since we lived in the country, it stayed pristine and pretty for longer. I miss that part. Cars and traffic really have a way of mucking up the beauty of a good snowfall.

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Melissa said...

Great picture!