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Monday, October 05, 2009

More from Wamego

Ceres, the goddess of grain, is above the window of the Old Dutch Mill in Wamego, Kansas.

When I was a kid, this was a HUGE windmill... and it was wooden instead of stone... and you could go inside and watch the wheel turn as it ground the flour...

...which means I need to go back and talk to my dad about where we saw a huge wooden, working windmill because the mill in Wamego -- though picturesque and with a cool story of its own -- is not the mill in my memory.

Wamego's mill was built in 1879, 12 miles north of the town, and was moved in 1925 by mule and wagons to the spot where it currently stands. The mill was taken apart, the stones numbered, and reconstructed exactly as the original. I was disappointed that we didn't get to see the interior workings, but it was pretty, and now I can stop telling stories about watching the working mill in Wamego.

I did enjoy our glimpse of Wamego this weekend. I love that the town has embraced the whole Oz concept and it looks to me like they do a pretty good job of keeping Oz alive.

We almost ate at Toto's Tacas, but drove down the road to Alma, Kansas, to eat instead.

The Oz Winery looks fabulous. Area grapes bottled with a theme! This Dorothy's table wine. I shall have to go back and visit when they are not so busy.

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cheryl said...

I had some "Dorothy" wine at a party last week. It was pretty good.