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Friday, September 18, 2009

Today's Project ~ Bringing Down the House

Okay, so maybe it was just the ceiling that came down. We've had a bulge in the ceiling of our project room/dining room that started developing shortly after we bought our house. At some point, we got brave and stuck our heads up there, only to quickly decide that we really didn't want to deal with the problem. The tiles kept drooping lower and lower.

Sometime last winter a second bulge appeared, and about two months ago, a portion of the ceiling actually fell. Sometimes it takes a little push to get a much-needed house project going. We decided it was better to take action and do something about it than sit around and, quite literally, let the house fall down around our ears.

Hubby took a long weekend and we spent the ENTIRE day today bringing down the ceiling. I can honestly say that I have never, ever been this dirty. However, now that the biggest portion of the job is done, I am relieved that all that dirt isn't sitting over our heads any longer, just raining little bits of dust down on us continuously, threatening to come down in a torrent.

We're still working out the details for putting things together again.

Question for the day: Who looks more threatening with a pry bar?

The above two pictures, by the way, were taken when we were still relatively clean.


Melissa said...

I enjoyed this!

cheryl said...

Yay for you guys. You'll enjoy the room so much more when you're done.

Sandra Dodd said...

We painted our bedroom three shades of green and had matching bedspread and curtains, at our old house, and one day the ceiling leaked and part of it fell. It was running water on our bed. I was traumatized about fancy paint jobs forevermore.

Ceilings are scary, and I'm glad you're winning, but I'm sorry you had the problem.