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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Brief Thoughts on Tuesdays Message from the President

...Because I seem not to be making time for anything but brief these days.

Munchkin #1 was particularly interested in watching the president's speech because she had been paying a bit of attention to all the hoopla about it. She's been more focused on the topics that get people rilled up these days. Asking why. I think beginning to truly perceive where people let fear and drama guide their thinking rather than facts and common sense.

The general gist of her reaction to Obama's talk pretty much matches mine.

Good speech. Encouraging.

It's too bad he sees education as something that specifically and necessarily happens within the four walls of a school building. I honestly believe he sees a bit further than that, but the idea that the core of success is built within a school building is hard to get away from in our culture.

But his message about hope and potential, about taking personal responsibility... all good.

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