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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Solstice

Last year the kids decided that we ought to designate a special day when the family exchanged homemade gifts. After much discussion, we settled on the summer solstice. Although most of waited until the last minute to get started, we managed to get everything made and we exchanged our gifts this morning.

I was absolutely blown away by the creativity, as well as ingenuity, of my family members. I just had to share.

Middle Munchkin and I wearing our new earrings made by Munchkin #1. They are very pretty. I should have gotten a close up.

This is an envelope holder made for me by Munchkin Boy. It is designed to hang on the side of my desk, entirely appropriate and useful for my space.

Here you see my "instant muse" box built and filled by dear hubby. It includes rootbeer, a gift certificate to my favorite coffee spot, and chocolate from The Sweet Granada...YUM! The key you see in front is my "key to a one hour massage" from Middle Munchkin. My children know me so well.

Here we have the Mystery "vegetarian" cookies made by hubby for Middle Munchkin. She pronounced them delicious.

Munchkin #1 shows off her treasure book, massage key, and a nameplate for her own desk made by Munchkin Boy.

Hubby got a Garfield drawing for his office wall (by Middle Munchkin) and a KU beaded wall hanging (Munchkin #1).

Here, Munchkin Boy shows off his Garfield drawing and a beaded scene depicting one of his favorite themes -- bows and arrows (complete with 3D gore) and a sword.

Here, Middle Munchkin shows off her pop-up Eiffel Tower book made by the Munchkin Boy himself. When I asked where he got the idea for this he said it was from looking at some popup books we've had around the house for years (I can't recall the last time I even saw them).
Munchkin Boy also made two computer games for hubby using Yo Yo Gamemaker. That's been a learning process for he and I both.
Unfortunately, I can't show you what I made. It was a video montage of photographs from the day hubby and I met until the present. The whole thing was set to music (Louis Armstrong, What a Wonderful World - The Beatles, Ob-la-di - Sister Sledge, We are Family - James Taylor, Shower the People you Love). The unexpected part was that, even after a whole day of sorting through photos to put the video together, I ended up bawling like a baby when we watched it. Nothing like seeing your kids go from wee babies to teens (well, the oldest anyway) in 15 minutes flat.
Hubby got a bit creative with the movie making software, as well. Fortunately, his gift to little boy can be seen right here. Enjoy.

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