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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Food as Art

I like to plan meals/buy food with maximum diversity in mind. In other words, I like to have stuff available so that each member of the family can create the kind of meal they are hungry for, or create their own dish.

One of our standards is what we call the Taco Bar. I just put all manner of potential ingredients out and everyone cobbles together what they want. For Munchkin #1 last night, that meant a nacho dish of sorts. Middle Munchkin put together her standard black bean taco with just the right amount of cheese, greens, and (no tomatoes yet, but she survived). I think Munchkin Boy actually opted for a PB&J sandwich and an apple. He's not the biggest fan of Taco Bar.


I made this:
I call it Taco Flower. It could have used a couple of extra petals, but it was delicious.

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