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Monday, May 11, 2009

Every Day is Mother's Day

We didn't "do" Mother's Day on Sunday. The kids and the hubby asked me what I wanted to do and I suggested we postpone and combine it with my birthday a couple of weeks down the road. There was so much going on this weekend already.

Thing is, we didn't "do" anything special for Mother's Day, but I ended the day feeling pretty fantastic anyway. It's the way I feel most days, I guess, but on Sunday I was especially conscious of it... the fact that we weren't "doing" anything special, but it still felt like a very special day.

We conquered the yard with five mowers resulting in a glorious couple of hours with the whole family outdoors and freshly clipped grass just as the rain started to fall. We caught up on a little house cleaning. We sorted and folded laundry. Some of us watched a little TV. I guess the special part was the company. If I could pick any four people to hang out with of all the people in the world, I'd pick the hubby and my munchkins.

It was just another day.

...another very special day.


bs said...

uh, what about BS???

Tracy said...

Oh yes! My Big Sis is also in my top people pick. Where is she these days? Working. Working. But I got big circles on the calendar because she's coming to visit soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Aw! This is nice! Melissa