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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Last night my friend Lisa said something about determining what drives us. It was part of a much larger topic of conversation, but this one blip kind of stuck in my ear. Like an echo, I just kept hearing it on the drive home.

What compels us to do the things we do? Why do we hang on to ways of being and doing that aren’t necessarily healthy for us? How is it that we can often recognize that there are pieces of our lives that don’t work, but we make excuses and simply maintain course, or we make plans and never follow through?

Then this morning, my friend Cheryl sent me this link. One thing.

I know there must be a theme to my inner workings, but now I am asking myself... do I know what my theme is? What drives me? What is the one thing that gives me peace, brings me joy, makes me embrace the day rather than scowl at it?

If I could define my one thing - boil my interests and passions down to the one thing that drives them - would I be able to better sustain contentment? Success? Would those moments of here-I-belong, here-is-exactly-where-I-want-to-be become greater or deeper?

A worthwhile contemplation.

What drives you? What is your One thing?


Ronnie said...

An interesting question. The easy answer is that my kids drive me, but underlying that might be my drive to be the best _fill_in_the_blank_ that I can be. No half measures.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Great question. I'm going to think about for a bit, but my inital thought was "balance." But what does that mean? Peace? I agree with the article's author. I also get so much joy from my relationships and feel that balance or contentment when I'm wth my friends and family. I don't know what defines me. I'm still thinking!

bs said...

Carpe diem