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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Been Sleeping In

So last week I flip-flopped my daily routine for a change of pace. By nature I'm a night owl, but for quite a few years now I've gotten into the habit of being more of the early-to-bed, early-to-rise variety. I think was feeling a bit out of sync with myself. While I like the morning routine for clear-headed and non-interupted work time, I was starting to feel like the work was dominating my life (not in a good way), and part of the perks of working from home and doing what you love is supposed to be that you don't get that dreaded "gotta go to work" feeling, right?

I was having trouble clearing the buffer. I was writing in my head all day long and worrying that I hadn't gotten enough done. Therefore, dragging myself "back" to work in the evenings and generally not making the most of any of the time I was spending, working or not.

So last week I stayed in bed until it occurred to me to get up, and I started the day with my top priorities in mind. It was a lovely week with the kids and myself, myself and the kids. I've been more active. I've been more on top of the home making part of my gig. And I've spent more time writing and enjoying my writing that I have in many, many weeks.

This morning I rolled out of bed earlier... but not 5am early. Got the dog walked and did some yoga. I think the cat is a little disappointed that I'm not lounging in bed with her, but she's found a spot to perch on the back of my chair, so we're still getting our time together.

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