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Thursday, January 15, 2009

We should have named her Lassie

Took three kids with me yesterday and returned with only two. Our oldest spent the night with friends. Our dog, Nancy, was beside herself. She paced and counted and paced and counted. (I have decided that Nancy is counting when she circles the rooms, poking everyone repeatedly with her long, cold nose.)

After about a half hour of this, she started really getting in my face. She's a Shepherd and seems to "talk" when she has something to communicate. It starts with a kind of moaning, deep in the throat grumbling. As she gets more insistent, her pitch rises and eventually she was pawing at me and barking to get my attention.

It finally hit me. A kid was missing--HER kid was missing--and she was desperate to let me know. I tried to assure her it was okay, but she just kept looking at me with these sad, pleading eyes.

That dog fidgeted all night long. She had me up at least 3 times between midnight and 5am. Now she is laying on my feet, as close as she can get to me. Occasionally she lifts her head and looks at me sadly.

She's pretty sure we've lost one. I don't know how to assure her that it's okay... our girl will come back.

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Anonymous said...

I think that you are right. I think that's exactly what Nancy was thinking. What an amazing dog!