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Sunday, November 09, 2008

That Old Time Rock and Roll

Little Boy got an MP3 player for his birthday, but much of the weekend has been spent playing with this gadget.

This was part of the treasure he looted from the sale of Great Grandma's stuff. Three adults who presumably have had some experience with these machines spent quite a bit of time trying to "show" him how to get it to work. It turned. The arm went up and down. No sound came out.

So the adults gave up. Went on to other things. And after about another 20 minutes, little boy had it playing happy melodies. We've listened to every record in Great-Grandma's collection, including a 1949 recording of "Baa-Baa Black Sheep" that I remember from my own antiquated vinyl collection as a child. On that back side is a song called "Be Your Mothers Little Helper."

He and I had a good laugh of that one -- not the message, but the delivery. What? No purple dinosaurs to sing to children in the 1940s?

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Anonymous said...

Brings back memories...when I was his age, I would spend hours sitting, just like he is, in front of my mom's record player listening to all her 45's from the 1950's.