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Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm Still Here

The kids are out making their second fire of the day in the firepit we got from my good friend, HeyMom. They are making S'mores (also for the second time), running around the yard as if it's not cold out (it is) and enjoying themselves immensely. I'm so glad dad is home this round. He helped them find some bigger pieces of wood and it looks as if they are actually burning something that creates quite a bit of heat this round. We had a fire going this afternoon, but our twigs were quickly burned away and our coals mini compared to what they are getting now. (In short, he builds a much sexier fire than I do.)

We spent a day in Lawrence with one of our favorite homeschool groups this week. We don't get to see all of these folks as often now that we live so far away, but it was worth the road trip. At one point, I just sat back and listened to all the moms chattering away. They were louder than the kids, I'm pretty sure. Good times.

Life is good. I've had a full and busy week, but am feeling much more centered than I have in a while. I've been desperate for fiction the last few times I've hit the library, but have been unsuccessful at arriving home with anything that could hold my interest for more than a few pages. So instead I've been pouring over lots of non-fiction, mostly stuff on Buddhism and meditating, but a few other oddball pieces thrown in, as well.

I finally picked up Jennifer Weiner's Certain Girls on Wednesday and just managed 138 pages in one sitting. I feel oddly relieved. I guess I take the ability to plow through a book as a sure sign that I'm back in my game.

I also met up with my writer friend, Cheryl, this week and we had a good talk about writing and where we're going with it and why we aren't there yet. No epiphanies, but I think I rambled enough to get some insight about the rut my writing has fallen in.

Life is good. Did I mention that already?


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that the fire pit is finally getting some use!!! Looks like my "Clark Griswold" dreams paid off for some one! Oh happy day! PS I'm craving fiction, too. Just placed on hold a book called, "A dog named Christmas" by Greg Kincaid. I guess he's from Kansas. Can't wait to get it in.

bs said...

Have you already read the latest
Gregory Maguire 'A Lion Among Men'?

DuckieMom said...

When it gets too cold for those outdoor s'mores, invite me down. My sister gave us this wonderful little indoor s'more cooker that uses those little cans of gel fuel. It sort of looks like the things they bring out at a Chinese restaurant when you order the "pou-pou" platter and get to play with fire while warming up beef on a stick. Waaaay too much fun!

Also, the next warm day, we can meet up at the lake, and I will bring my new electric chain saw and a long extension cord so we can cut up some dead wood for both of our outdoor fire pits.