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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Timeless Tuesday: First Glasses

I'm a little tardy about the new news these days. Little boy got glasses a couple of weeks ago. Unlike his folks, he is farsighted. We thought about delaying the glasses a bit longer since it is pretty typical for young kids to be a bit farsighted, but since he is starting to do so much written work and is developing a real interest in reading, I decided it wouldn't hurt to have the glasses for close up projects.

He loves wearing them, but I notice he usually takes them off before whatever he is working on is done. I think he's just adorable handsome in them!

Thinking of Timeless Tuesday, I decided to pull out photos of first glasses. The hubby and I both started wearing glasses at around age 10. I remember being surprised at just how much there was to see out there that I was missing. My glasses came about because the teacher sent home a note telling my mother to work with me on telling time. She informed my mother that I couldn't do it.

My mother thought that was nuts, of course. I'd been acurately telling time since my first watch (a face with Snoopy playing tennis) at the age of seven. Mom showed me her watch and asked what time it was. I could tell time. She decided to have my eyes checked.

Upon returning to class with new glasses, I remember marveling that I could see not only numbers, but the individual minute marks on the round clock that hung above our classroom door. I don't know why it never occurred to me to simply say that I could not see the clock. Instead, I would shrug my shoulders and say I did not know what time it was.

Hubby's First Glasses - circa 1977

My First Glasses - Circa 1980

Munchkin #1's First Glasses - circa 2006
This one is near-sighted like her folks. She took to her glasses with glee, as well. It's nice to be able to see!


Sandra Dodd said...

I love the green t-shirt up top. (The glasses are attractive, too.)

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures. He is adorable! After looking at pictures of me wearing my first glasses - also about 1978, he asked if they MADE me wear those frames. I stressed that I'd picked them out and ALL glasses looked like that! It was the style! Paige have never minded glasses either and refuses the contacts option. Fun post!

Anonymous said...

You know that's me! I posted before I signed it. Magoo