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Friday, August 22, 2008

Green Thumb

I like plants. Or, at least, I like the idea of greenery in and around my house. But I can never seem to tend a plant often enough to keep it full and pretty and alive. My current plant projects are two geraniums potted on the front porch... very sad and spindly little things. My record is an avocado seed that the munchkin girls and I sprouted sometime in the early 2000s. That little "tree" managed to travel with us AND stay alive for almost five years.

I think the reason all my plants die is pictured above.

My big sis.

I blame it all on her.

I figure there was a limited amount of green gene in the family and she took it all. Or most of it anyway. (My brother must have inherited some, as well, as he maintains some pretty impressive plants of his own.)

Here da' middle munchkin is helpin da' big sis water plants at her greenhouse in Illinois. My sister's whole world looks like this -- work and home! She doesn't just specialize in green, either.

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