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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Double Digit Birthday!

Miss Middle Munchkin spent much of yesterday afternoon working on her birthday cake for the big 10! The kids took over the making of their own cakes a few years ago and I can't tell you how much I enjoy it. It's almost like the process of coming up with a Halloween costume, watching them decide what they are going to do with their cake each year. While settling on the butterfly, Middle Munchkin developed a birthday cake plan for the next 6 years!

This is the final product! Today we play games and eat cake. She took us out to the China Buffet on Friday for her birthday dinner. It cracks me up that she loves the place so much as she only eats the white rice and the fried cinnamon puffs. Her favorite place to eat is actually Subway, but she says it's too much like fast food for a birthday meal.
Happy Birthday Miss M!


cheryl said...

Happy Birthday! What a beautiful cake!

heymom said...

I have to say that this cracks me up because, 1. when we go for chinese, M eats only the same thing...except she will eat a piece of chicken on occasion. 2. M's favorite place to eat is subway, too. And as a matter of fact, that was the meal she chose to celebrate her birthday this past April!