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Sunday, July 06, 2008

No More Room in the Ark!!

The last time I didn't rescue a kitten, I felt such horrible guilt about it that I went back to check on it less than 24 hours later... to find that it had died. So when we passed a kitten in the gutter while walking the dogs on Saturday morning, I picked it up over the prostestations of dear hubby. We really don't have room for another animal in our lives. I agree with him 100% on that fact. So it's never ever never coming in the house and, in fact, we aren't keeping it, just nursing it back to health.

Anybody need a kitten?

I've honestly never seen so many fleas on one tiny animal. It was horrifying, really. A scene from a bad movie.

It's been bathed, fed, bathed and fed again. Middle Munchkin has spent many hours in the last two days tending to the poor thing. It's nearly flea-free and seems to really enjoy the fine-toothed comb she's been running through its fur to help clean it. By this evening it was purring and acting almost downright perky.

I guess tomorrow I pick up meds for ear mites and worms. We shall see how it goes from there.

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Robyn L. Coburn said...

When I was a little girl we would often find barely newborn kittens with eyes still closed dumped in trash cans or on the street in the back alleys of Hong Kong. My mother would bring them up and feed them with an eyedropper, taking them to the vet if they looked like they were going to survive. Usually they died anyway, but a couple lived to grow up. They became our cats.

One of our cats fell from the balcony of the 16th floor. In Hong Kong the laundry was hung from bamboo poles jutting perpendicular from the balcony or windows. Sheet would blow from one to another and look solid to a cat. Mum went downstairs and found her and carried her upstairs - she was fine, just a bit shaken. There is a thing where if the fall is long enough, that is the building is tall enough, that an intinct takes over and the cats spread themselves out and make their own body into a parachute. They are less hurt from a long fall than a shorter one.

When I was a girl in Hong Kong we had at different times cats, afghan hounds, a tortoise called Thomas, and an owl called Archimedes after the own in the Sword and the Stone. One of Mum's friends had a spider monkey. My dh had monkeys when he was a kid in Los Angeles. Ah the 60's.