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Friday, June 20, 2008

Nephews in Kansas

I think I mentioned that we were "on vacation" but I didn't mention why. The nephews came to Kansas last week. We met our newest nephew, Mr. Kyle (above with hubby/Uncle Rand). It was a fantastic week. We went visiting and then were visited. Had an 88th birthday party for hubby's grandma. Good times. After a day or so of rest and recovery, I'm looking forward to the weekend and then back to the normal routine.

Kyle's dad, Derek, and our good friend, Cyp.

The boys did a lot of this...

Here's Kyle's Mom and big brother, Gabe.

My munchkin #1 and Kyle.

Gabe left us with many new masterpieces for the fridge. He loves to watercolor.

I should share more pictures, but it's taken me two days to get this far!

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