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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sunday Book Review....

Nah, just kidding. I'm moving my book reviews to my author page. If you've stopped by, check it out. My first novel is now available in both print and as an ebook.

Or... join the Virtual Book Tour... happening now.

Tiger Hunting, by Tracy Million Simmons
When Jeni returns to her childhood home in western Kansas, she never imagines that she'll be hunting a white tiger escaped from the circus or competing with an ape for the affections of the boy she once loved. While she waits for the man she's left behind to notice she's not coming back, she reconnects with her family and works to pick up the pieces of her life. 

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Tracy Million Simmons takes the reader on a fun romp across the High Plains of southwest Kansas in a hunt for an escaped white tiger. With an engaging story of loss, family expectations, and finding one's way, Simmons shows us that home can be the greatest healer of all.

~ Cheryl Unruh, author & columnist, Flyover People: Life on the Ground in a Rectangular State

The right amount of magic! 

Tiger Hunting is a winner from the start. Most of us have lost our direction at one time or another. Follow Jeni as her search leads through the most unexpected events around Tracy Million Simmons' own stomping grounds of Dodge City, Kansas. 

This book comes with a wonderful insight (for some of us) into the mysterious way a woman's mind works.) 

I welcome this white tiger to Kansas.

~ Max Yoho, author, Me and Aunt Izzy and The Moon Butter Route

Tracy Million Simmons writes with heartfelt warmth and humor when she develops her characters and their relationships in this entertaining and delightful story.
~ Gloria Zachgo, author, The Rocking Horse


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Lorayne Cupero said...

Wow! I neglect the blogosphere for too long and BOOKS are PUBLISHED!
I can't wait to read this!