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Thursday, February 21, 2013

What a Snow Day is Good For... It's Simply Good

I don't know why I still think of it as a snow day; it is simply a day full of snow and for that I am grateful. I mostly took the opportunity to work from home, which I often do anyway. Mostly, I have spent the day being thankful that we have some sort of moisture falling from the sky. It is desperately needed and any form will do. Our whole community must be truly understanding the lack, as I've seen very few complaints about the cold and snow on Facebook today.

 These are early morning photos. When I went to bed last night, it still wasn't snowing and I was beginning to think this was going to be another disappointing hype by the weathermen. I was so pleased to look out this morning and see actual flakes falling. I love the way the flash on the camera lights them up.

We walked downtown to hubby's office today to collect our snow shovels. Cleared the sidewalk in front of and beside the office, then walked back using our snow shovels as walking sticks. Was about a two hour journey. I took my camera, thinking I'd take the opportunity to get some great photos of Emporia under snow, but realized too late that I'd left my memory card in the computer.

It was a very pleasant walk, however, and the kids and hubby took the time to help a couple of stuck cars dig out of the snow. It was fairly quiet downtown, but the folks who were out were friendly and relaxed. Very little wind, so the cold was comfortable even for being out for an extended time.

Our afternoon was filled with lots of snow watching, chocolate cake with coconut/pecan frosting, and cups of hot coffee or chocolate. Now we've got chilly in the crockpot and the snow in the air is growing thick again. I won't even mind having to shovel the snow again tomorrow.

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