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Sunday, January 06, 2013

Sunday Book Review: Forties' Child: An Early Autobiography

Forties' Child: An Early Autobiography, by Tom Wakefield

I found Tom Wakefield in a cemetery somewhere near the other side of the world. His tombstone captured my attention more than any other in that huge, crowded place. The illustration and the words, they made me pause and study for a bit. I added him to my list of names/places/things to look up and learn more about. I just finished his autobiography last evening.

Our trip to England and Scotland is nearing two months past. I find myself in a place that feels almost like mourning as I continue to take every free moment possible to work on our photo album and, occasionally,   return to my journal/essays/written pieces about our journey.

Tom Wakefield's words have been a part of my post-trip life. Getting back to work and back into routine after so many days away, then entering the holiday season with its topsy turvy series of events and travels, working and not working. I managed to find two of Wakefield's non-fiction books affordably via the wonders of used bookstores on Amazon. I plan to look for some of his fiction through the library.

Reading the short stories that make up this autobiography of his early life has been a very pleasant experience. It's like when you meet a new person who really intrigues you and after a couple of get-togethers you find yourself feeling relieved that yes, you do indeed want to be friends. Tom was a man I never met. He grew up in a country I've never lived in. His stories are about a time before my own. Yet, I enjoy his words and his images and am looking forward to reading more of his work.

Not even in focus, this is Tom Wakefield's stone at Highgate Cemetery in London, England. It says "Writer, Educator, Mother." I had to know more. 

Tom's Obituary
A nice piece about Tom republished in 2012.

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