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Saturday, September 22, 2012


It's been a very satisfying week. Working for hubby. Managing the market. Writing. Reading. Walking. Spending some fairly high quality time with my kids. Snuggling with my crazy cat who now lives at the office rather than at home... Even washed the dog today.

How many times have I had the thought that it's taken me X years (in this case, 42) to figure out the secret to happiness? Perhaps the real secret is to never become complacent and assume that you've gotten there. Just like with raising kids, what you think you know one day doesn't necessarily apply the next.

For now, I'm not a laid back, live-in-the-moment kind of girl. Or maybe I've just been trying to follow someone else's definition of living in the moment. Slow starts to the day don't do it for me. I like my check lists. I like starting the day before the sun comes up. I like being in a place to go to bed by 9PM, but staying up an extra hour or two anyway to work on a project that makes me lose track of time, even if it means I start the next day feeling just a little sleep deprived.

I also like putting aside a day once a week or so to stay in bed as long as I can stand it!


Tracy said...

Note to self: Check the Urban Dictionary before coming up with "clever" titles for blog entries.

bs said...

Staying in bed is getting easier each day as the light wakes me later and Eddie must be sleeping too as he does not wake me anymore.