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Monday, September 24, 2012

Goodwill Shopping

I don't always love shopping, but when I do shop, I love Goodwill. I love the idea of thrift stores in general, but many times I simply get overwhelmed. I like Goodwill because the stuff is well organized. I can browse through "my size"... crucial to good a thrift store experience. If all the sizes are mixed together, it's just too much for my filters to handle. Style, color, condition are all important factors... if I'm looking for size, as well, my head just gets overheated and I fry out.

The family has been planning for our all-time favorite upcoming holiday. We often talk about coordinating costumes, but it has rarely happened on a full-family scale. This year, it was apparently meant to be. In less than a half hour, we put this together at Goodwill. Can you see it?

Any guesses at who we are going to be?


bs said...

The Simpsons

Tracy said...

Answer (for those who really want to know): The Scooby Doo Gang.