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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Brain Content Revealed

I Confess: My name is Tracy and it has been 28 days since I've updated my blog.

I've gone longer. It's not like it's a record or anything.

We have reached triple digits. As much as I had hoped this day wouldn't come, I guess I'm not surprised. Mild winter. Early spring. Early summer. No need to mow because it's not raining and, therefore, not growing. It looks like maybe a repeat of last summer's hot/dry is inevitable. I kept thinking we could keep the trend and go for a mild, spring-like summer. I will keep dreaming of a long, slow soaking rain that turns itself on and off for several days in a row, maybe letting bits of sunshine peek down on us between the rain drops.

My favorite seasons are the seasons of change. Spring. Fall. I can handle winter okay. I tend to get dreary and melty in the summertime. But I'm making a real effort not to be a wimp about it. The vendors at the farmers market inspire me. Those folks all feel like family. It's like hanging around with my roots again. Only in this case, I get to be the nerdy girl who keeps her nose in a laptop without guilt. When I was a kid, it was reading books and writing. Now I'm creating newsletters, planning fundraisers and updating spreadsheets and nobody minds; this is the role they expect me to take. They've hired me to manage the market. In return, they make available to me a steady supply of good food that I would sadly lack if I were forced to grow it myself. It's all the good of living life close to the earth without being nagged to get out of the house and enjoy the sunshine. Nobody is filling my time with weed picking or ditch digging or row hoeing.

Track switch...

We have three drivers in our house now. It's not that we actually go more places, but it's amazing how quickly I've adjusted to having a child another responsible party at the wheel. I will admit, it's convenient as heck. She's great for grocery runs and sibling deliveries. To. From. Here. There. It's also been adjustment to find myself stranded, more than once, without a vehicle for that spontaneous trip that I probably didn't need to take anyway.

Vehicle replacement has been on "the list" for at least the last 10 years. It's a subject we've managed to avoid and skip over again and again. Although technically, I guess we have replaced a vehicle. Daughter has a big, beautiful blue truck that she will likely negotiate with her father at some point to exchange for a smaller, less gas guzzling option. For the moment, 3 drivers sharing two cars is working. Though we have picked up a moped for individual in-town travel. I wasn't too keen on the idea of a motorized bicycle, I will admit. But now I'm kind of digging it. I'm really digging a full tank of gas for $9 that hasn't needed to be refilled yet.

Fork in the road...

My middle kid said to me this afternoon, "Mom. You should pay attention and learn from my mistakes."

This made me smile. And I ate too much caramel popcorn anyway. It was made with honey. It was goey and sticky delicious.

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Peg Nichols said...

We once were a household with one driveway, four cars, and five (some young)adults with jobs (or errands). No one had to spend any time pulling weeds out of the driveway.