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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Week of Leisure

I am slowly working myself out of leisure mode. We are home from a week long family vacation to the Rocky Mountains. Our first few days in Denver reminded me that I am not a big city girl at heart. Our cabin, which was dropped in a crevice between mountains with a loud stream bubbling through the back yard, was lovely. It reinforced, however, the fact that I really do prefer to see farther than the next bend in the road. There were an awful lot of bends in those roads.

I could get accustomed to the schedule, however. Each day in the mountains was pretty much a leisurely breakfast followed by a hike of some kind. Then a dip in the hot tub, some marveling at the speed and coolness of the rocky mountain stream, and an afternoon nap. One morning I started with the hot tub and hiked a bit later, just to mix things up a little.

Me and the Hubby - Rocky Mountain National Park.

Brave folks crossing the icy cold mountain stream.

The view from our back yard at the cabin.

A couple of really cute mountain goats.

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Anonymous said...

I totally HAVE to see more than the next bend in the road!:) Ahhh....the open plains of Kansas!