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Thursday, February 09, 2012

Thursday Thoughts and Thankfulness

Posting a Wordless Wednesday entry was difficult. I really wanted to add words. I wanted to tell how we've been making an effort to capture Nancy (our big German Shepherd) during some of her best moments on camera or on video. She's such a sweet dog most of the time. Unfortunately, nobody outside of our family sees that side of her because she's got her issues. She's an enormous, gentle girl, who has been known to be afraid of her own shadow. Right now she's passed out in the middle of the doorway, sleeping so deeply the kids have stepped over her going from room to room. She hasn't even flinched.

I liked that photo, not because it has any artistry at all, but because it is a fairly typical scene around here. Kids with noses in books and Nancy relaxing on the floor.

Today I wrapped up the Kansas Authors Club yearbook for another year. I am looking forward to getting the finished product in the mail, yet not having to do the mailing myself. Mennonite Press, of Newton took on the printing and mailing of the book a couple of years ago. They have made my job so much easier. Much less time consuming, which is especially excellent since it is a volunteer job.

I am thankful for Kansas Authors and for Mennonite Press.

Today I got into my car to find a note on the windshield warning me that my back right tire was low. What a kind thing for a person to do. It was, indeed, low. In fact, nearly flat by the time I got in the car. My dear hubby took a break from work to change the tire and go and get it fixed.

I am thankful for kind people who keep an eye out for strangers and for my wonderful husband.

Today I spent several hours working at the market office, and didn't quite get as far as I had hoped. I checked enough off my list to let the rest wait until next week, I suppose. I got a few big items out of the way, including reports for next week's board meeting and some bookkeeping clean up that had been growing on my desk.

I am thankful for a job that has given me a place in this community. I am thankful I am working for something I believe in and that the potential and the possibilities are what I make of them.

Today I watched an episode of Downton Abbey with my kids and helped my girls with project talks they will give at 4-H next week.

I am thankful, every day, for my amazing children.


Nancy said...

A good message here, Tracy. More of us should take a little time to step back and look at the many little things in life for which we can give thanks.

I'm looking forward to receiving the new yearbook from KAC. Thank you for all you do for Kansas Authors. I'm 'thankful' you are part of our organization!

Tracy said...

It sure makes life rosier when you take a moment each day to look for all there is to be thankful for. It's far too easy to dwell on the negative.