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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Changing the Rules or, Raw Vegan - Part II

I am on Day 16 of eating raw fruits/vegetables/nuts... plus three hard-boiled eggs, one tortilla and one slice of pepper jack cheese. Oh, and one morning I have to confess I tossed my veggies into the skillet. I just had to knock the edge off of some green onions I had added to a celery/spinach/tomato salad. I've had a few days this past week where the task of chewing all that fiber was more than I could bear. One day I compensated by going to the store and bringing home a selection of more tropical and exotic kinds of fruits. I think it helped me over the hump.

But what I wanted to share today was a bit of brilliance I got from my son. On Day 12 of this adventure, when I was hitting a wall with the greens and beating myself up quite a bit because I was contemplating quitting, my son said, "Mom. Why don't you just change the rules?"

Absurdly simply, I know, but it's not the way I am accustomed to thinking. It is, however, the way I've always encouraged my kids to think. Who makes the rules about the way you live? You do. Who decides what's important in your life and how you should spend your time? You do.

Who wrote the rules to this 30 day raw eating challenge? Me. I didn't sign up for somebody else's challenge or commit myself to these rules of eating in order to pass somebody else's test. I'm doing this for me, and therefore, if my body tells me it's really craving some heavier protein (and some protein that isn't mouthful after mouthful of green), I can change the rules. That's within my power. And it doesn't mean I've quit or failed.

I'm eating raw vegan with a hard boiled egg thrown in every day or two. No apologies.

I'm still feeling good. I'm loving the fact that my body is feeling so lithe and limber. I love that I have absolutely no afternoon lull time. Never that heavy, after lunch feeling on the eyelids that makes me want to crawl away and take a nap.

There is something to eating this way and I'm going to figure out how to capture this good, even if it does mean dropping some items from my traditional diet, or simply shifting some foods over to my occasionally or rarely list.

Most importantly, I'm going to try to remember that it is within my power to change the rules to suit my own needs.

In other news, the hubby and I celebrated Valentine's Day early this morning with a Love 2 Run, 4 mile walk (yes, we loved to run as walkers). We came in 7th place in the Married couples division, combined age 80-99. Okay, so there were seven couples in our age division and the other six couples were runners, but it was 11 degrees out this morning with a windchill below zero and we walked four miles in 61 and 1/2 minutes. I call that another victory.

Did I mention the cool t-shirt?

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cheryl said...

Good for you for trying the raw diet - and good for you for amending it. It's encouraging to know how much of a change it has made in how you feel. I work at improving my diet, but I'm not as committed to it as I imagine myself to be, still I always feel better when fruits and veggies take the lead role in meals and snacks.