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Sunday, August 07, 2011

Here My Mind Wanders

It was a very full and satisfying week, topped by a very empty (as in unscheduled) and satisfying Sunday. I slept in. Crawled back in bed a bit later with a book and eventually slept some more. Then spent several hours working on my story which, amazingly, is still effortlessly flowing. Today, I may have even met the character that will become the feature in the next story I write.

We went to the pool this evening just as the temperature was dropping. It wasn't cool, by any measure, but was plenty cool compared to the temperatures we've endured these last several weeks. We could see the sheets of rain falling from the clouds to the north. There was lightening to the east. As the sun was setting, a giant gray cloud passed over the pool, threatening to drop a few droplets, but it held off.

The kids came walking across the the poolside together and I was struck by how similar they all are in size now. They are no longer clearly stair-stepped -- oldest, middle, little one. The youngest now has the biggest feet.

Middle Munchkin has a 13th birthday coming up. Munchkin #1 turns 16 in a mere half year. I look in the mirror to see several white hairs now sparkle and stand out from what was once all black. Time keeps flowing into itself and beyond to places I've never been before.

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Nancy said...

Nice post. I especially liked the ending.