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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Catching Up; Sharing Pictures

It would be a little bit of what we've been up to if I had been better at documenting with pictures. Here are a few from the last month or month and a half. Fun and busy. Feels like the 4-H fair and now record books have taken up a lot of our time. Others are going back to school. We are looking forward to trying out some new routines, as well.

I guess this is the last midnight Harry Potter party we will have. Time to come up with new excuses for having all the kids over for dress up and fun.

August Markets have been record setters. In spite of the heat, we've had fabulous produce and the shoppers keep shopping.
Grand Champion Air Pistol Shooter -- I think she was 1 part surprised and several parts tickled pink.  Speechless, but her smile said it all.
Middle Munckin's Reading Poster. I really enjoy the posters the kids have put together in this project and will soon have the walls covered with them.
My new shawl! Munchkin #1 wove this from yarn she spun last year plus some yarn donated from local spinners. It's very pretty and I'm looking forward to wearing it this fall.

Munckin Boy is playing football this year. It's a whole new language that only he and his dad (at least in this house) speak. I thought it would be difficult to watch, but finding myself filled with nothing but pride.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! where to begin? Love the shawl! The harvest...well, all I can say is...Gosh I miss Kansas! Your kids are amazing! (so are you, too!)