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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Unexpected Free Time

We had a 4-H meeting this afternoon which didn't last quite as long as I had anticipated, so I am sitting here with an unexpected block of free time, trying to decide what to do with myself. My mind tells me to move forward on tomorrow's list; my body says it would be just fine if I sat here and did nothing for a while.

Actually, it could be that my mind is also voting for something less than productive. I'm not sure where I store the little voice that keeps yelling, "Go! Go! Go! Get the list checked so you can play later."

It can be a bad approach, as lists just keep growing. If I'm not careful, I look up to discover I've forgotten to take the time to play at all.

I hear a book calling my name.


heymom said...

I have time this week because Noah is in NY w/ his grandma. I blocked off 3 days to paint the laundry room. This was day one. Instead, I watched a movie and went to the library with the girls. I get tired of always being productive. Good post.

Peg Nichols said...

I had some "free time" yesterday, in fact a whole day of it. Unbelievable how much you can get done if you don't have the "hounds of time" on your heels. Tomorrow I'm going to the Overland Park Farmers' Market and look for the guy who sells corn and roasted sweet potatoes.

AnnieLou said...

Wow my sister and I were talking about this just today, that we feel we have to use every second available to get 'something done' - but stopping and doing the fun thing first actually means I am much happier when I'm doing the 'list' thing and far more productive in the long run. Just not very good at remembering that!