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Friday, May 13, 2011

Here we are in the Merry Month of May

Not only May, but nearly half-way through! Whoosh. This will be a whoosh blog entry, too. Just to get that last depressing note off the screen.

Since I last checked in I've attended a comedy club show featuring a dear friend, the wedding of another dear friend, and a birthday party. Seems like we are simply moving from one full week to the next. Does the story ever change?

My forever friend, Mandy, big sister of the bride. I like to take credit for being a big sis, too! 

I love this family. Miss this family more than I can say. Feel fortunate to have roots that go so deep. Feels like going home, no matter how long it has been since we've seen each other.

My Munchkin Boy -- it's not every day you get a chance to dance with a pretty girl dressed in white.


Fun link, though you can't see the whole article unless you subscribe to the magazine: Home Education Magazine, the May/June issue. This article was a few years from start to publish. The photos of the kids are a dead give-away. It was among the pieces Mothering grabbed up for "consideration" right away and released back to me a couple of years ago when they were cleaning out their files. Anyway, the consideration was thrill-worthy, but I do love Home Education Magazine and am just as thrilled the piece finally found publication there.


Wonder Woman - History Teacher   


Tis the season of beginnings -- CSA and farmers market both off to a good start. We have greens in the fridge and have been enjoying them on every sandwich or alongside every meal we've eaten going on a couple of weeks now. Munchkin Boy has lettuce and spinach growing in the yard, as well. I don't have any photos of that, unfortunately, but enjoyed my first bowl of rhubarb crisp of the season this evening.

The local paper has been very good to the market in 2011. This and this in May alone. Both front page pieces. Stayed pretty busy prepping for market the first week of May, but things will settle into a weekly routine now that we are back to our regularly scheduled season.


Had a momentary fit this past week when I thought my computer was threatening to bite the dust. After nearly a full day of doctoring (and backing up EVERYTHING), it seems to be in working order again. I figure this beast is going on about 9 years. The cost of replacing it wouldn't be so bad. The cost of replacing/upgrading all my favorite software would be budget breaking. Therefore, I'll stand by the old slow beast a while longer. There are days it requires patience, but I loathe to give up my antiquated Adobe Creative Suite and various other discontinued programs. Sigh. 


Off to turn some of my recent ramblings and scribbles into something that looks like writing. I've got a new writers' group getting together on Monday (because I really just needed one more thing to do) and I don't want to be the goober who suggests, "Hey guys, let's start a writers' group," and then shows up empty handed.


cheryl said...

Oh, are we supposed to bring a piece of writing on Monday evening?

Anonymous said...

Sounds busy. Congratulations on your article making its way into Home Ed Magazine. I wish I subscribed. I'll have to look for it in the library here.