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Saturday, April 09, 2011


This morning started a bit rough with the cat waking me at 4am. She does her little bite, bite (very gentle bites) on my chin and my fingers if I try to push her away. This means she wants something. She thinks she NEEDS something. And it is my job to get up and figure out what the heck it is.

I was tempted this morning to just lock her in the bathroom....

We had the last indoor market of the season this morning. The place was full of green! Brought home lettuce and spinach and some gorgeous little tomato plants that are ready to stick in the ground. The crowd was steady and sales were solid. A couple of vendors hit personal record highs. It's good to see people excited about local eating and local shopping.

Again and again I find myself thinking that this is just the right sized town for me. It's big enough to have plenty to offer, yet small enough to feel a part of the community. You can chose to remain a stranger, but there is plenty of opportunity to find friends and make connections.

The Artist Walk was downtown today, as well. It was beautiful. Temps in mid to high 80s.

We played a little pinochle with the in-laws this evening. Girls against boys. They won one (just barely, passed us in the last hand) and we won one (not even close).

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heymom said...

Sounds wonderful...the market. So glad the weather is getting nicer for you up there.