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Wednesday, March 02, 2011


For the past five years I've been marveling over how much I enjoy living in town. Just a few blocks from the grocery store. The library is within walking distance. I can bike (not that I always do) literally anywhere in this town. It's extremely convenient, mostly because of its size. I never felt this convenience in Topeka. It was big enough it was still a bit of a hassle to get places. I certainly never felt it in Houston. I couldn't get away from that town fast enough.

I grew up in the country -- spent the first 18 years of my life with acres and acres of space that was mine and hundreds more acres surrounding that. Then there was college and the years in Houston and finally we returned to the country living of my childhood. Those years were heavenly. We had chickens in the yard and horizon all around us.

I think I had kind of assumed we would return to a rural life when hubby was finished with school and we were settled again. We talked about it, but then with timing and circumstance we ended up living in town. A big yard on a dead-end street. We thought that might work out for us... and it has. But today I visited a friend in the country and it was so quiet and peaceful.

Maybe I'm rethinking this city life. It's convenient, yes, but... I miss chickens. I miss the empty space, the lack of people. I miss the quiet. I miss the horizon.


bs said...

Don't forget the five year rule!
Time to move on or you will be
stuck where you be...

heymom said...

I grew up in the city but have always loved the feel of being in the country. I had hoped to settle there one day. Tom's ideas are different. He'd live in a condo on the beach if it were all up to him. So here we are. Somewhere in between! I think that's why I'm moving toward the "urban farmstead" idea. A little of both. I can walk to the store, even a mall. But I can make my yard a slice of the country in the midst. Chickens are being considered in the city limits of Fort Lauderdale now. After that, I'm off to my city council meeting to try to make it happen here. I guess I figured that I'm gonna work with what I got. (and be thankful I'm not stuck in a condo somewhere!-)