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Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Doings Report

I keep thinking an activities update would be a good entry, but then sit down and am at a loss for what to write. It's not that life is just filled with the same-ole'-same, but the rhythm and routine of things is feeling rather smooth and, therefore, I guess, not newsworthy.

I thought maybe some photos would be helpful reminders, but what I'm seeing is that I've not been very good at my photo documentation of life either. This is one I had to stage a few weeks after the fact.

Miss Middle Munchkin attended a shooting match recently (BB gun) and came home with 4 medals: 1st in sitting and standing and 2nd in kneeling and 2nd over-all. Next she will compete in air pistol. Competition only seems to make her hand steadier.

The kids are I are reading the Adventures of Tom Sawyer together. We've also been reading The Autobiography of Mark Twain, and it has been fun to mix and match the stories, to see where Twain, the writer, puts his own stories into Sawyer, the boy. I'm thinking a trip through Hannibal, Missouri is in order again. The kids and I made a stop on a trip to see my sister a few years ago, but I'm thinking the banks of the Mississippi will look a little different now with Twain's stories fresh in our minds.

Munchkin Boy and I have put together a "garden timeline" and I think the seedlings and plants in his room are very close to seeing the light of actual day. (The car is covered with a layer of that white stuff as I write... just when I was getting excited about spring.) He wandered into the kitchen this morning as I was thinking about fixing myself breakfast. I offered to make him some, and he suggested instead that he do the cooking for the both of us. We had scrambled eggs and hash browns. They were quite tasty.

The girls have taken advantage of the cold weather days to work on fiber projects for 4-H. Munchkin #1 has taught herself to knit. She has spent the last few weeks working on a red felted purse. It's very pretty. I have to get the camera out.

I'm keeping busy with farmers market (one winter indoor market to go before we move to the parking lot for weekly markets again), letting writing contest deadlines pass (there's always next year), and trying to funnel my house "work" imaginations into simple spring cleaning.

Bubba Hubby is preparing to ride 200 miles through the Flint Hills on his bike, so is getting in lots of seat time. I'm looking forward to getting back on the bike, but I don't think I'll be doing that kind of trip anytime soon.

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bs said...

Awesome! I see TWO family trips
this year...