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Monday, March 07, 2011

5 Minute Blog Entry

Spring must be here because I can't stop thinking about working on my house again... will I never learn my lesson? In my mind, I have already refinished my kitchen table, all our old wooden chairs, and completed the trim work in our project room. I'm aching to tear our kitchen apart! I'd be crazy to tear our kitchen apart right now, but that's where I find my head wandering. If I could just tear out the old stuff, I could get started on the new!

Trying to channel my energy, instead, on working with my son on his garden. It's not as appealing to me, but is a) less expensive and b) good quality time with my favorite Munchkin Boy. Repeat after me... Don't start tearing up the house! It will only keep you inside as the outdoors gets more appealing! You will end up running so far away that you still won't have a sink to do the dishes in come Christmas!

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bs said...

So you are your father's daughter,
more than me as I can set and look
at it for hours, (years)